Susan Williams


I am truly Honoured and delighted to be working with Viva Retirement Solutions, their reputation in
the industry is second to none! When I started my search for a new company to call my home, I
wanted more than anything to work with likeminded people, real people that put their clients’ needs
and wants above the ££. The company had to be client centric, compliant and blemish free and so
my search began, I decided to talk to as many industry professionals as I could, Brokers, Lenders and
Solicitors. The name Viva was at the top of all their lists, so when Viva said yes to me, I jumped in
with both feet and I have not looked back since.

My career in the Financial Services Industry and Property markets spans over 25 years, I still have
clients that go back to my early years 1992. I genuinely believe in what I do and have always been
committed to providing the best advice and service that I can for all my clients and regularly go the
extra mile to get the job done. Lifetime Mortgages/Equity Release as it stands today is a modern-
day solution for a modern day problem. Having previously worked as a Mortgage broker, IFA,
running my own business and Estate Agent the calls I now get from my clients after we have
listened, recommended and actioned the plan is nothing short of humbling, the gratitude is
overwhelming. I am lucky to work in an industry that enables people to live the life that they want.
Not the one their circumstances force on them. Long live later life lending!

I live in the beautiful Surrey countryside with my amazing husband and Cockapoo dog, Wilfred!
When I am not working, I love nothing more than walking the Wilf, restoring furniture, cooking and
spending time with my family.