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At Viva our ethos is to treat every client as if they were own parents. This way you will always get the best advice and service from us.   We back this up with very competitive and fair fees for the work that we do for our clients.

Here is our charter, which encapsulates our award winning advice:


All of our staff will be approachable, knowledgeable and committed to your short term and longer term aims

  • Our staff will commit to continual professional development to ensure their knowledge is relevant.

  • Our staff will speak in clear, precise and simple language.

  • Our staff will be trained correctly to handle your queries.

  • Our staff will listen to what you have to say.

Our advice will be of the highest quality

  • Your enquiry will be dealt with promptly and courteously.

  • You will have the choice of face-to-face or telephone advice.

  • Whether you choose face-to-face or telephone advice, we provide free initial consultations to discuss your needs, priorities and preferences.

  • Our advisers will happily include as many people in the consultation as you see fit.

  • Your questions will be listened to and answered thoroughly with factual information.

  • An appropriate solution founded on research will be provided or you will be signposted towards alternatives.

  • Quality assurance will be maintained through rigorous controls.

You will have easy access to our advice

  • We will maintain national coverage of advisers.

  • We will provide you with 0800 numbers, FREEPOST mailing addresses and e-mail contact points.

  • We will leave our advice with you for you to make your decisions.

  • Your advice will be financially accessible.

  • Only if you choose to go ahead with a plan and it completes do we charge any fees for services.

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