We are proud to work with a selection of carefully selected business partners to complement our equity release offering to our valued clients.

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Full of Life

This is a Government backed initiative to help celebrate the achievements of older people. They also support the campaign to challenge negative attitudes towards older people. Events are held nationwide during the year to bring people together and enjoy themselves. This culminates on October 1st – which is Older People’s Day.  We were lucky enough to be invited to the Harpenden and St. Albans Older People’s Day events in 2014

AIR Academy
Air Later Life Academy

We are founder members of the Later Life Academy and they have been set up after extensive research of the market place. It is clear that advisers need experience and understanding in all of the At Retirement areas of finance. The academy therefore strives to develop advisers and maintain their knowledge in a broad spectrum of areas that link into the At Retirement market.

We fundamentally believe that advisers need to prove their knowledge and expertise to show that they are always giving the best advice.


Therefore we are happy to continue our professional development by being part of the Later Life Academy

Discover more about the Answers in Life Later Life Academy here.

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UK Care Guide
UK Care Guide

The aim of UK Care Guide is to bring together all aspects of care to give a single resource to help inform of the key issues as people approach care. There is a wealth of information available around the funding of care that you can use to help make informed decisions about how best to proceed.

Find out more about the UK Care Guide here.

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