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equity release

Mrs A was 63 and had lived in her property for the last 32 years, the first 27 years of which were with her husband that had sadly passed away 5 years ago. Due to insufficient pension provision and little in the way of savings she was still having to work at the local supermarket and was desperate to retire. She saw no other option but to downsize from her existing property that she loved and was full of memories, to a property of lower value. By chance her friend told her about equity release, so with some hope that she might be able to stay in her home she decided to look to release some of the equity from her property in order to supplement what pension income she did have. After a meeting with Viva Retirement Solutions, at which her son was present, she released some of the equity from her property by means of a Lifetime Mortgage and this meant that she could afford to retire without having to sell her beloved home or cut back on her standard of living.

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