The number of clients we help to achieve their Equity Release dreams continues to grow, but here is a selection of testimonials sent to us by our clients this year, to demonstrate the quality of service that they have received.  We have been collecting testimonials since 2013, which you can view by year too.

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David was professional, he dressed suitably with a tie, was polite, listened to us expressing our needs and differences as a couple, also our dissatisfaction with our provider and the reasons why. He then sought to advise us on what may be possible. He went away and came back with options which were clearly explained, and he listened to our questions before answering them. Once we had decided what we wanted to do we felt happy about leaving the work to him. When problems arose he was quick to sort them out and to keep us informed in spite of having an important funeral to attend. We could not have asked for a more professional adviser who was also good at handling people i.e. both us, our original provider who was difficult, and the solicitor. We liked the fact David came to see us in our home, so he quickly got a measure of who we were and and why needed to seek his advice.

Private, Leicestershire 15/5/22


My husband died and I had a lot of decisions to make on my own and I didn’t want to make a mistake. I pursued both selling my house and considered equity release. My friend told me about Rob and I contacted him. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Mrs Lincoln, Essex, 13/5/22

I had an interest only mortgage and needed to pay the balance of the mortgage by September 2022. The house market was horrendous in the southwest and there was nothing I could afford that would have been suitable for me in retirement. I wanted to stay where I was and not have to move. I had thought about Equity Release and asked my mortgage advisor about it, he recommended Viva Retirement Solutions and I was then put on to Dawn Evans.  She gave me advice on Equity release. She went through the whole process of releasing equity a couple of times to make sure I was making the right decision. I can think about retiring now.

Private, Yorkshire. 4/5/22

Russell Coneron was extremely helpful in advising me on this type of mortgage. He searched for the best option and explained everything about it in a way that left no room for confusion. Russell was always at the end of a phone when I had questions and took the time to answer them. Russell guided me through the whole process from start to finish and made the whole experience relatively easy and not too stressful. He demonstrated excellent knowledge about the product.

Mrs Colman, Buckinghamshire, 3/5/22

Russell carefully led me through the application process after fully briefing me on all the various alternatives that I might consider.

Mr Dare, Buckinghamshire, 20/4/22

It is essential to get quality and impartial advice when choosing an Equity Release mortgage; I wanted to change my existing mortgage to one which offered me me a higher LTV and you need an adviser to ensure that you choose the right mortgage and they ensure the process of changing proceeds accordingly.  Nick was very professional and approachable from the beginning; he gave me numerous options for me to consider in order to meet my requirements, one of which was excellent and was chosen. He gave me full details on this particular mortgage, answering all my questions quickly and he explained the procedures necessary to take redeem my existing mortgage thus allowing me to take up this new one.

Mr Gannaway, Gloucestershire, 14/4/22

Robert provided a sound overview of the process, then followed up with detailed advise on the options and implications of any decisions. A very professional approach, displaying a good deal of patience and determination to follow the process through to completion.

Mr Hibberson, Manchester, 11/4/22

Liz has been amazing. She is thorough, efficient, very professional but with a friendly manner. She guided us through the process with such ease and our thanks goes to her for doing an outstanding job.

Mrs Coates, Dorset, 7/4/22

Together we achieved our objective. Dave kept us informed and advised all through the process, he gave reassurance when needed by phone and email. The best financial advisor we have ever encountered.  It was a longer than thought journey due to unforseen setbacks but with Dave Hulin's expert advice and tenacity we received the outcome we were looking for.  His service was 1st Class.

Private, Birmingham, 6/4/22

Paul clarified every step, answered every question without making me feel it was an 'irrrelevant' question. Very patient with me when I asked several questions, did not rush me, was very patient and made sure I had understood each step from the start to the finish. Available at the end of the phone to answer any further questions.

Private, Hertfordshire, 1/4/22

Strong and to the point advice. A polite ability to steer me in the right direction, and exactly the outcome I required. A good sense of humour and pleasant demeanour throughout.

Private, Essex, 24/3/22

Steph was patient kind and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her.She explained everything very clearly and seemed interested in us as people as well as clients and wanted to get the best outcome which we feel she has done.

Mrs Broadley, Buckinghamshire, 22/3/22

Although we owned our property outright and were looking for a relatively small mortgage to facilitate the remaining renovations, our age meant that we were unable to access "regular" mortgages.  Robert was able to clearly explain all aspects of the process and reassure us with any worries that we around "Equity release". There was no pressure and we were able to take our time . Robert was readily available by phone or email if we had any further questions.

Mrs Silverwood, Manchester, 21/3/22

Susan explained everything as we went along, our options, her role in the process, what we needed to be mindful of, future considerations and ways of dealing with our current needs.

Mr & Mrs Leach. Surrey 16/3/22

Steff has been very prompt with her responses to any queries - and worked hard to keep the process moving along. She chased people up when they were slow to respond. She was also very personable and helpful.

Private, Buckinghamshire 9/3/22

Rob was always available to answer any questions we had .prompt replies to any questions we had .he visited my home twice which I was very grateful .he explained everything to us ,and also recommended a solicitor who was used to dealing with equity release.

Mrs Perry, Manchester 18/2/22

We had previously arranged an equity release mortgage through Paul and it was time to update to a new product. As paul served us well previously, we returned to him.  Paul was very helpful throughout the entire process and provided clear and detailed explanations on all aspects of the Lifetime Mortgage that we selected.

Mr Mashford, Hertfordshire 15/2/22

Russell provided a friendly professional service and was happy to assist with our requests. Russell was very reliable and we have been more than please with all recommendations made and services provided.

Private, Buckinghamshire 31/1/22

Susan guided us through every aspect of equity release from our initial enquiry to our completion. Susan was always there. If we emailed she responded immediately. She called us and explained what was happening next all the time. We were at ease with her personal approach and her reassurance at every step. We didn’t have an easy application but all the way through we knew we could rely on her doing the best she could for us. We feel she worked very hard on our case.

Private, Surrey 14/2/22

From initial contact Robert couldn't have been more helpful. Everything was clearly explained, every query followed up and everything done for my convenience. A great combination of professionalism and a friendly approach.

Mrs Masters, Manchester, 4/2/22

Paul is patient, considerate and calm manner was very reassuring - his research and advice thorough and accurate - a first class service.

Mr Stolerman, Hertfordshire 21/1/22

Susan managed to explain the process in such a clear and measured fashion in a way that was both understandable and accessible to both myself and my mother. Dealing with slight resistance but having a background understanding to the personalities involved was an asset that really is hard to find. My mother felt very at ease dealing with Susan in what can be quite a complex process and only because of how Susan handled, communicated and related the details of the Equity Release made the process so easy.

Ebs, Surrey 17/1/22

Paul asked about our financial position, gave us the options available to us and explained the pros and cons of lifetime mortgages. He advised us to consult with our daughters - which we did - and explain to them what we were intending to do. He obtained several quotations from providers and explained the details behind each one. Once we had agreed on the provider and the specific product (amount and interest rate) he put us in touch with a solicitor who would go throught the loan agreement with us. At all stages Paul was available on the phone or text and we felt that he was in control of the process throughout. He provided a professional service in a calm and measured way and we felt that his advice was impartial at all times.

Mr & Mrs Mills, Hertfordshire 26/1/22

I think Rob is very professional and cannot see any reason for improvement. If it’s not broken, you don’t change it.

Private, Essex, 14/1/22