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The number of clients we help to achieve their Equity Release dreams continues to grow, but here is a selection of testimonials sent to us by our clients this year, to demonstrate the quality of service that they have received.  We have been collecting testimonials since 2013, which you can view by year too.

We work closely with VouchedFor to give our clients an easy way to review us and you can read our reviews here.

David took be through the equity release process efficiently and compassionately, understanding my concerns and discussing them with me. He even responded to a problem I had on the Bank Holiday. He helped me make my mind up about moving forward but I never at any time felt pressurised making the decision.

Mrs A, Liverpool 16/5/24

Susan went above and beyond to help us to secure a mortgage for our property when no one else would. Susan was available to us at any time should we have any concerns and called us back without delay.  Without Susan’s help we were facing selling our house to pay off our mortgage. Susan made sure we fully understood all the terms and conditions which gave us peace of mind. She got the best deal she could for us which we were very grateful.

Mr S, Surrey 9/5/24

Nick has been invaluable in helping me to decide how to proceed to achieve the desired outcome with a lifetime mortgage. His knowledge and expertise is only exceeded by his patience and understanding of my particular needs. He explained clearly and patiently all aspects of the procedure. I cannot praise him highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend him to others - indeed I already have to a personal friend in a similar situation. If this helps others, I am a 77 year old widowed female who wanted to move to be nearer to family and friends. I did not think this would be possible but Nick has shown that it indeed was!

Mrs W, Gloucestershire 3/5/24

From the start of the process to the end, Susan displayed professionalism, approachability and a strong desire to achieve the best outcome for me. She clearly and concisely outlined all the relevant facts regarding equity release and ensured that these were fully understood by me before proceeding. She then worked extremely hard to get this process completed as swiftly as possible and kept me regularly updated throughout the whole process. She is very pro-active in her work and her desire to achieve the best outcome for her clients is always evident.

Mrs T, Surrey 11/4/24

Tremendous service, a very understanding person in what was a extremely challenging time for my wife and myself.

Mr S, Gloucestershire 6/4/24

We have been considering our options with regard to future proofing our housing needs for a couple of years and being unable to find an affordable bungalow in this area (Westbourne) we have decided to stay where we are as we like our house and its location. We therefore wanted to release some capital to make some alterations/repairs. Liz discussed our situation and needs in depth and trawled all relevant retirement mortgage providers for the best deal

Mrs P, Dorset 26/3/24

I had a mortgage which was coming up to having to be settled. I was unfortunately ill and could not move to downsize - also did want to stay in my house. Susan came to see me, answered my questions, and helped me with the form filling. Everything went very smoothly.  She is very calm and explains things well, so you know where you stand. She does come over as a friend which is reassuring.

Mrs M, Surrey 14/3/24

Shaun was brilliant from day one and all the way through the process . Alway replied to my calls and emails with answers to questions and kept an eye on change of interest rates as they would come down he would reduce my rate accordingly . He is knowledgeable, reliable and listens to your needs and offers the best service possible .

Mrs P, Essex 11/3/24



The very first day Susan was referred to us, she rang later that evening and spent over 1.5 hours asking questions and trying to understand what we wanted to achieve in the short term and our longer term goals and objectives and how we thought we would achieve them. Susan dealt with both myself and my wife as individuals and made sure that each of us was happy with her suggestions and the general direction of travel. By the end of the phone session Susan had explained to us very clearly what she thought our best options were and why. By the end of the evening (10.30pm!) there were 2 loan illustrations in my email inbox! 2 days later Susan visited us in our home to ensure that our property valuation was realistic. She made it perfectly clear to us what repairs and improvements were needed BEFORE a formal valuation was carried out. That advice proved invaluable!

Private, Surrey 18/5/24

With David's help we have been able to release more equity, which has meant we have been able to maintain our property, and make some needed adjustments in the house, garden and lifestyle, due to health issues that have come with increased age.

Mrs M, Leicestershire 15/5/24

Dave has been upfront in all information both the positives and negatives in taking equity release from my property , and guided me through its complexities and silly bureaucracies along the way which could have delayed the release for months.

Mrs W, Liverpool 8/5/24

Nick is extremely professional and easy to talk to when telling him your personal requirements. Understanding your reasons for all your needs and at all times keeping me very well informed.  I have the outcome I hoped for and felt that with Nick's constant attention to getting the results I needed guided me very well through the process.  found Nick extremely personable and professional so gave excellent advice. At all times keeping me very well informed of the process.

Mrs G, Gloucestershire 17/4/24

I already had a lifetime mortgage of 8 years with another lender. However, when I applied for a further advance, I was told I had to withdraw the remaining drawdown I had not used. I went through the process of applying for a drawdown of my remaining unused balance. When this process was complete, I applied for a further advance as advised. To my astonishment and despair, I was refused a further advance on the basis that their flood risk criteria had changed and that I was suddenly in a flood risk area. Although the financial adviser I was allocated by that lender from Key tried to find another lender, his fees were very high, plus there would be the early repayment fees. I decided to find my own financial adviser and did an extensive search online. Based on the Viva reviews and the industry awards, I made contact with Viva and was contacted by Roy Tozer on 14 March 2024.  When Roy introduced himself to me, he immediately understood my circumstances and state of mind after the disappointment of my previous lender's refusal. Alhough I was sceptical to start the process all over again, Roy put me at ease from the start and said he would do all he could to find another lender. He was very reassuring. From that initial contact, he kept me informed all the way. He researched the whole market and came up with the best option for me. I particularly liked the process of going through the whole process by video calls face to face, and to be kept up to date with emails attaching all the necessary documentation. Roy not only found another lender at the best interest rate, but also he went the extra mile by contacting my current lender and persuaded them to waive the early repayment charge, effectively reducing the amount of my loan that would save me thousands over the term of the loan. Roy Tozer could have done nothing better. He went over and above, the extra mile etc. etc. I would have no hesitatation in recommending him to friends and family and to anyone who wanted the recommendation of a financial adviser. I cannot comment him enough. He is a credit to Viva.

Mrs R, 10/7/24

I was not considering equity release but after speaking to Russell I realised that this might be the best option for me in my particular situation. Over time through discussions with Russell I came to understand that this was the case and I am very happy with my decision to proceed with this mortgage option.  Using his knowledge of my situation and the mortgage options available to me Russell patiently allowed me to understand that equity release was the best option for me.

Mrs C, Buckinghamshire 20/2/24

I needed extra cash which I did not have, to keep my home up to scratch. Paul talked me through everything I needed to be aware of, good and not so good. There was no pressure, his demeanor was always professional but friendly.

Mrs K, Hertfordshire 1/2/24

Having been in the finance industry until I retired some years ago, I have high standards!! Rob met every one of them. From our first meeting he was pleasant and professional taking me through every step confidently. Once he had submitted my application he was with me every step of the way. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was from start to finish.

Mr S, Essex 18/3/24

Katie was very thorough in her dealings with us, ascertaining what our needs were and what our future plans were before making her recommendations based on that information. We had a very clear idea of the pros and cons and costs involved. We decided to proceed with the equity release and Katie has been there to assist throughout the process.

Mrs M, Sussex 13/3/24

Kerry explained the various options available and clearly indicated which type of product she considered the best on the market at the time. Also responded swiftly to requests for further information or clarifications. Kerry and the legal team used were very efficient and professional in processing the application.

Mr B, Lancashire 4/4/24

At our ages nearing 80 we had little liquid assets to cover emergencies such as health costs, major house repairs like boiler, roof and external decorating. Although our income is good and guaranteed, trying to borrow for any of the above reasons is fraught…….ageist.

David has explained all the risks of Equity Release making sure we understood them before making a decision. He was thorough in his investigation of our situation. He understood our criteria on the interest rate charged……..and he achieved that. He was available at all times and ensured the processes were timely. He introduced us to Equity Law and tracked their processes. They proved to be highly professional, like David and more than met our expectations.

Private, Liverpool 7/3/24

I needed to release money from my bungalow to improve my property and to give myself some finances to have holidays and a new car.  Dave was very clear and concise in helping me to understand the intricacies of equity release that can be very daunting to a lay person.

Mrs P, Birmingham 21/1/24

Because of family circumstances, I wanted to release equity which I could use to support some charities and Church Projects that are close to my heart, during my lifetime.  I contacted a couple other Equity Release Companies without success. Robert listened to my needs and circumstances and has been able to put me in touch with a company that has satisfied my requirements. He definitely went the extra mile. 

Mrs C, Manchester, 25/1/24

To me, Gerard Hucker was the star of the whole process. I don't believe I could have begun to achieve what he did - and he was always to hand and available. I was particularly impressed by his contacting separately my daughter to ensure she understood the implications for her eventually of my potential equity release. Also Gerard Hucker achieved a significant reduction in the interest rate on the back of an unnecessary delay in the process caused by the lender's surveyor's patently deficient and over-hasty survey, including their claimed but well outdated, local knowledge.

Mr C, Surrey 12/2/24

David was friendly, professional & very knowledgable about the equity release market & the vast amount of lenders out there. He sorted out the very best deal for us and answered all my questions without hesitation.

Private, Leicestershire 25/1/24

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