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Have the recent changes in mortgage rates, increase in utility bills and cost of living rises put you in a position where you are worried about your financial future?

If this is you, or if you pay out a lot on credit cards or debts, then we could help you to consolidate and choose what payments you make, to make your life easier.

Indeed, you may even want to look at a Lifetime Mortgage to help your children when they need help the most.

With a Lifetime Mortgage you can take an initial loan and then have access to further funds whenever they are needed. This means that you should not take more than you need initially and therefore keeps the amount that you owe to a minimum.


  • getting your finances in order once and for all

  • freeing up income that is currently not even being seen, as it is going straight out to pay the bills

  • not having to worry about putting the heating on,

  • or what you buy to eat.

Take a look at our case study and see how we helped Geoff

Geoff is 58 and lives alone in Wimbledon.


He came to us as he found himself in a position where he just did not have enough money leftover at the end of the month to live a happy and meaningful life. Geoff works full-time, but after paying for a small mortgage, car loan and credit cards – there was not a lot leftover.  This was especially the case as Geoff’s fixed rate period on his mortgage had ended and suddenly his monthly mortgage payments had rocketed.

We looked at the various options and solutions available and recommended a Lifetime Mortgage which paid off the mortgage and cleared the credit card and car loan in full. This freed up £1,000 per month and gave Geoff huge peace of mind.

We also recommended that Geoff make payments towards his new mortgage, but one that was manageable. This would mean that the amount left to his daughter in the end would be as much as possible.

This flexibility allows Geoff to enjoy life again and also to choose how long he wants to work for, with pensions due to be paid out in the future.

Please do contact us if you feel that we could help you.



Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help you release the potential in your home with equity release.  Whether it is to help the family, do some home renovations or that holiday you have always been dreaming of. The team at Viva Retirement Solutions are here to help you with your equity release goals.

We take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you requested. Read our Privacy Policy on this website to see how we protect and manage your data.

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