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Take a look at the happy equity release clients we helped in 2019.  Please contact us if you would like to be this happy!

Very straightforward.  Pleasant and friendly adviser.  No problems

Private 26/12/19


A professional and friendly service from start to finish.

Private 9/12/19

Poole, Dorset

Could not be more satisfied - having viewed Equity Release with suspicion.  My mind was put at rest by Dave Hulin's visit, during which he covered all aspects and I proceeded to the mortgage with no further doubts.

Private 25/11/19


We would like to convey our thanks to Mr Dave Hulin for the wonderful service received from him.  Any queries we had were dealty with in a timely manner, with professionalism and friendliness, nothing was too much trouble for him.  Impeccable service, and a pleasure to deal with you.  Would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family.  Thank you again

Private 24/11/19


Once I had decided to do Equity Release, I asked for recommendations from a friend who suggested Viva Retirement Solutions, where I was given Mark Lambert's number.  We arranged a meeting, Mark came to my house and from giving me more information, I decided to go ahead.  Mark kept me informed throughout -everything involved with Equity Release was told to me, including fees and early payment charges and likely clauses in the contract with the Equity Release Company.  Mark checked the market for the best Equity Release Company for my circumstances and from there everything went extremely smoothly.  I also went with the solicitors (Equilaw) Mark had mentioned as they only deal with Equity Release I and I am so glad I did.  It was such a quick process, the solicitor even came to me!  All in all, a very professional, informed and smooth transaction, I cannot fault any part of the service offered.  I thoroughly recommend Viva Retirement Solutions and especially Mark Lambert who made what seemed a daunting experience into a very easy experience.

Mr Orme


It has been a pleasure working with Paul in the process of organising a Lifetime Equity Release for my family.  Paul was always very professional and went out of his way to understand our family situation.  I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to release equity from a property.

Mr and Mrs Copas, Buckinghamshire


I can only say that I have received exceptional service throughout the whole process.  The process from start to finish was incredibly straightforward, and was completed in an an incredibly short timescale.  I would not hesitate to recommend Viva Retirement Solutions to my family or friends.  Thank you.

Private, Gloucestershire


We were very happy with the way things Viva and Equity Release was handled from start to finish, everyone was very helpful.  We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to all.

Mr and Mrs Manning


It was quite a daunting task to take out equity release, but Paul explained everything in detail and told me what would happen and when.  He understood my concerns and also encouraged me to talk to my family.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Viva Retirement Solutions



Nick was very patient with us and made everything very easy.  Many thanks.

Mr and Mrs Williams, Swindon


Client service was excellent.  Everything explained carefully without too much jargon.  Happy to recommend.

Mr Mattocks, Essex  4/7/19

Thank you for all your help in completing the equity release plan.  Everyone has been very helpful on your visits and also by telephone.




Very easy to understand.  Paul in a very calm, uncomplicated manner, giving us complete confidence, re the process and product.  Paul shows extreme patience, empathy and understanding about disability issues and equipment, ie local council providing equipment to which we declined funding.




Absolutely delighted with the whole process.  Dave Hulin was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Everything was completely worry free.  I was surprised just how quickly everything came together.

Mr & Mrs Crowe

Birmingham - 17/5/19

Paul found a good mortgage option for me at a suitable rate of interest. I could not have achieved this result without his professional assistance.

Dr T – 20/1/2019

My wife and I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Viva Retirement Solutions.  Everything is arranged quickly and the staff friendly and knowledgeable.  I would recommend Viva Retirements solutions to anyone looking to release equity from their house.

Private 28/11/19


While it's abit corny nowadays to say so, but Gerard exceeded out expectations and to us went well beyond the call of duty to assist our understanding of the process and his facilitation of the same.

Mr and Mrs Kershaw

22/11/19 Surrey

Russell, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your guidance for our Lifetime Mortgage.  When this all started, we never thought we could be put in touch with a more friendly, professional, yet down to earth man in our life.  It wasn't like a business transaction, more of a friend giving advice at the end of the day, enabling us to move into a lovely bungalow.

Private 28/10/19

Whole process was simplicity itself from start to finish.  Our advisor was excellent, helpful and friendly.  Everything was made clear and all promises kept regarding calls etc.  Would definitely recommend.

Private, Buckinghamshire


Thanks to Gerard from Viva for making the whole re-mortgage process so informative and clear and for taking the time to deal with the detail in a very professional and considerate way.  This helped me so much to make the decisions needed.  I would most definitely highly recommend Gerard and Viva Retirement Solutions



My wife and I were very happy when we were contacted by Viva via Nick Craddock, he explained all the aspects of equity release to us.  Nick listened to our requirements and sorted out the deal we finally agreed with LV.  Nick and Viva enabled us to carry on with our  retirement without having to worry about our financial outlook.

Mr & Mrs Davies


Russell Coneron was very helpful, he explained everything in detail to our satisfaction.  Russell was also very easy to talk to and answered all our questions regarding this.  We were very happy to continue with our lifetime mortgage.

Private, Buckinghamshire


We had a very limited knowledge of equity release or Viva Retirement Solutions.  Our first meeting with Paul Saroya was informal and very helpful in helping us to reach a decision.  Our financial requirements were discussed and we were able to take time to process the information before a second meeting.  Paul was very professional, making us feel at ease.  We found him very welcoming as well as giving us a little time at each visit to settle in.  We felt no pressure at all and everything was completed to a timely outcome.  Paul was patient and actively listened to any concerns we raised.  We would not hesitate to recommend Viva Retirement Solutions and Paul Saroya to anyone who might want to consider equity release.

Mr & Mrs Bignell



From the start, my advisor kept me informed of all the stages of my application.  He explained each step and answered clearly all my questions.  The whole process from start to finish was quick, effective and most satisfactory.  I would recommend this company.

Private - 4/5/19

The equity process was dealt with in an efficient and competent way.  All queries via email or telephone were dealt with promptly and diligently.  Paul handled everything with a patient, knowledgeable and friendly manner.  he handled the other parties involved equally efficiently.

Private - 6/2/19

Excellent service provided by Paul.  Many thanks.

Mr & Mrs Hedges - 4/2/19

Completely professional as well as helpful. Clear comments at all times letting me have the information needed without making me feel like a “silly old lady”. Thanks for your consideration and getting a speedy result. Very professional, kind and sensitive to my special situation. Straight forward talk and answered all questions clearly and without hesitation: found a good solution for us.

Mrs W, Surrey  - 01/1/19

First interview and discussion made us feel the advisor understood our financial requirements.  He explained how the product worked and we were able to have close relatives present on subsequent interviews.  Support throughout to completion was only a phone call away, or a visit if requested.  The advisor was very knowledgable about our business dealings.  The service provided was well defined and completion was trouble free.  A very good service.

Private - 29/1/19

We were referred to Viva Retirement Solutions by a local mortgage broker.  We had reservations about equity release having seen much bad press.  However, Viva's adviser explained exactly the different between various plans and helped us select the right plan for us.  His diligence and patience helped us move forward with confidence.  The whole process was clearly defined and moved forward in a timely manner.

Private 25/11/19


The whole process was conducted in a friendly but businesslike manner and Gerard was patient with his explanation and made everything very clear.  We would not hestitate to recommend.

Private 17/11/19


Throughout the process of equity release Gerard was frindly and approachable and gave good advice.  He stayed with me from beginning to end despite a few hiccups that cropped up from my end.  I would thoroughly recommend Gerard as someone who can safely steer you through the whole equity release process.

C Akass


The service was very professional, giving us bite size pieces, which enabled us to understand and make the choices to achieve the best results for ourselves and family.  Our advisor made note of our initial requests and made sure that each areas was covered and considered, so we could achieve the best deal for us even taking into consideration things we hadn't even thought of.



I would seriously recommend this to anyone who was in the position that I was.  I had the bank calling me to settle up my interest only mortgage and after an unfriendly phone conversation, I was told (by my bank) that if I didn't settle it up by agreed date I would in breach of contract.  On the same day, I phoned Viva Retirement Solutions, more out of desperation than anything else.  I had a good conversation and an interview the following day.  It lasted about an hour on the phone.  Before I knew it things were moving and six weeks later it completed.  As a result I now have an interest only lifetime mortgage.  It's up to me how I handle this.  I can be responsible and pay the interest every year or not.  You can sell any time you want, but chose right because it is connected to gilts.  All in all, alot of stress removed and I'm happy with the decision I made.

Mr M Jakubiszyn


Paul Saroya from Viva Retirement Solutions has been very helpful and professional throughout the whole process of securing an equity release mortgage for me.  I felt comfortable at our initial meeting and he explained everything calmly.  I am happy to recommend Viva Retirement Solutions

Mrs Noakes



I was concerned about taking out equity release (lifetime mortgage), a friend had met Paul of Viva Retirement Solutions and suggested I phone him.  From our first meeting, I felt confident with Paul.  He has a fine balance of professionalism and a friendly manner.  He came to my home and met my daughter and son-in-law.  He talked to us explaining that what the process was and listened to our comments and concerns.  I decided to go ahead and release money from my property.  Now it is all completed and I am very pleased I did it and had Paul's guidance.  The whole process went very smoothly.  Thank you.

J Foley - 26/2/19

An excellent service from Viva Retirement Solutions.  Paul clearly explained all the options available to me.  Keeping in touch with me and always available to answer questions.  I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to family and friends.

S Brazier - 19/2/19

Mark was fantastic. He fully explained so we understood how it all worked and kept us informed with how it was going and was there when we needed him.

Brilliant service from start to finish.  Particularly when required to find a second provider part way through the process.

Private - 3/2/19

Paul’s service could not have been better. He came to my home at my convenience, explained the concept clearly, answered all of my questions, never gave me any sense that he had to rush off and when describing the bad past experience of a friend with Equity Release, he carefully explained why that had happened and how to avoid their problems.


Subsequent to that first meeting Paul was always very responsive to emails and phone calls – and – most importantly he dealt with any delays caused by the then mortgagee.


Because of these delays, the interest rate went up, but Paul intervened to ensure that I got the original “old” lower rate. FANTASTIC!


Mr Pilkington – 21/1/2019

Paul and Viva Retirement Solutions were extremely helpful when explaining the options available for me.  I would recommend their services for outstanding customer services and excellent product knowledge.

Mrs Woodall 2/1/2019

Russell was very personable during our meeting and gave us clear and detailed information on the equity release plan.  He was happy to go over any points that we were unclear about.

Private 19/11/19


Kept informed every step of the way.  Made us feel at ease from day one.  Friendly and excellent service, would definitely recommend.

Private, Dorset


Excellent swift service, very friendly chap who explained everything clearly.

Private, Buckinghamshire 22/10/19

Russell was always available to answer our questions when we needed him - perfect.

Private, Buckinghamshire


I was very hesitant about the option of equity release, but Mark Lambert was patient and indefatigable in giving me an honest explanation time and time again, with no pressure, and let me make up my mind and ring him back.  I realised this was what was best for me.  Throughout the process Mark was there for me to help me understand everything, even after I had signed and completed

Dr Dragadze, Lincolnshire


My mother and I were very pleased with the way that all aspects of the equity release were fully explained at every stage.  We felt that the best rate was offered.  The advisor  was knowlegeable and we felt confident with the decisions made to release funds.

Private, Buckinghamshire


I was 100% pleased with Paul.  He came across as very pleasant, easy to talk to and very smart.  He explained every detail very clearly for me to understand.  I would recommend Viva Retirement Solutions and Paul to anyone.

Mrs Orr, Essex


We are very happy with Viva.  Paul is very knowledgeable, he answered all our questions and guided us through the whole process from start to finish.

Mr & Mrs Nahar - 7/5/19


The most helpful advisor we spoke to.  Looked for innovative solutions to our specific issues, when others just said they couldn't help.

Mr Davie & Mrs Hancox


We cannot recommend Viva Retirement Solutions enough.  Paul's expertise and professionalism is second to none.  He explained very clearly the different plans to us without ever trying to 'sell us' something.  The clarity of information and outcomes of any decision is superb.  The entire experience of equity release was very simple.  Viva Retirement Solutions are definitely the company to go to.

Mr & Mrs Gritt - 13/4/19

Viva Retirement Solutions is a friendly, yet professional company who offer unbiased sound advice, regarding your personal situation.  A very fast outcome achieved with good communications and clear instructions.  We would thoroughly recommend using Viva Retirement Solutions.

Private - 15/4/19

Mark was very professional and knowledgeable, and treated me with the utmost courtesy and respect.  I would recommend him to any future clients.

Private 30/3/19

Superb service.  The whole process went smoothly and in good time.  Nick was excellent.

Private - 2/3/19

From the start to the finish Paul Saroya acted in a very professional way.  He answered all the questions and gave us full guidance for the transaction just concluded.

Mrs & Mrs Elias - 2/2/19

We found Paul to be friendly, punctual and very knowledgeable.  Viva were professional in all aspects.  Everything proceeded as predicted and the whole thing was completed smoothly and within the timeline outlined at the onset.  We gladly recommend Viva Retirement Solutions to anyone considering applying for a lifetime mortgage.

Mr & Mrs Reed  - 1/2/19

From my very first contact with Viva, Russell Coneron made me feel comfortable and confident. Within a very short time, and after discussing some very personal information with him, I felt that Russell, and Viva, were knowledgeable and, most importantly, discreet. When you are discussing personal finance with someone it’s imperative that you can trust the person with whom you are talking – I came to trust Russell very quickly and I really felt that he was concerned with my interests and the best action for me to take. I now trust Russell to the extent that I will probably discuss any of my financial queries with him without any qualms whatsoever.

Russell has a very warm and friendly personality and I would be very comfortable recommending him to any of my friends. He also has a very wide-ranging knowledge and none of my questions caused him any problem at all.

I now consider Russell to be as much of a friend as my doctor or solicitor.


A Cleave - 21/1/19

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