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Later Life Academy

Since the first ever meeting that I attended back in December, there has been a massive work going on in the background from the LLA to produce quite stunning results!!

Firstly, the LLA are now an accredited member of The National Skills Academy, which is no mean feat! This accreditation alone shows the creditability of the LLA in looking to provide successful “At Retirement” training, development and support to its members.

Secondly, the list of ambassadors seems to be imminently increasing and again therefore adding to the weight of the organisation. Since the last meeting there have also been interesting meetings between Stuart and people of the calibre of Michelle Cracknall, which could provide a superb platform for the LLA members to really benefit from the upcoming Pension changes!!

The membership numbers are expected to rise above 100 in the coming weeks and have actually doubled in the last 3 months. With talk of major companies with a plethora of advisers rumoured to be joining the LLA, what are YOU waiting for??

As a Later Life Principal, it is important for me to be able to demonstrate my knowledge in this arena and be able to access the right information as well as the right kind of specialist advisers for my clients. This will be achieved through the LLA, will you be left behind?

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