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Later Life Lending Event

later life lending

This Thursday one of our director's Paul Saroya will be one of the speakers at The Mortgage Solutions Later Life Lending event on 21st November.

With an ageing population and rising debt levels, planning for later life is becoming increasingly important. This a whole day event of industry experts gathered together to discuss a wide range of issues including, what is the Government doing to address this issue and how can our industry contribute and drive this forward?

Paul will be joining a panel of industry experts, including Baroness Ros Altmann, the former Pensions Minister and an older people's champion. They will be discussing the issue of working together across the silos to help consumers navigate the market.

Also looking at different countries and how they address an ageing population socially, politically and economically and what we can learn from this in the UK will be covered.

We look forward to sharing our learnings with you and how Viva Retirement can further help lending in later life.

At Viva Retirement Solutions we are constantly improving our knowledge and looking for new ways to help our customers with their later life lending needs. If you are looking for for funds for your retirement, whether it be for home improvements, helping the family to pay off debts or any other needs, why not contact us to see how we can help? Our team of expert equity release advisors can advise you on the Lifetime Mortgage solutions best suited to your needs.

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