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Lifetime Mortgage Completion

lifetime mortgage

At Viva Retirement Solutions, we always work hard to help our clients to achieve their later life lending goals. Everyone's situation is different, whether you are a pensioner looking to re-mortgage, or looking for ways to fund your retirement and countless other reasons.

In these difficult times, we are finding that people need us now more than ever to help with their later life lending needs. So we wanted to share with you some stories of how we are currently helping our clients and how we can help you too.

Viva are proud to say that on Friday we achieved completion of a Lifetime Mortgage that allowed a client to move into her new home that day and be closer to her family, of even more importance now in these times of Coronavirus.

Our adviser Shaun Tillyer worked tirelessly to achieve the client's goals and although there was a hiccup on the day of completion, which looked as though it would set back the moving in date for a week, Viva were able to go the extra mile and connect all parties to get completion for our very, very happy client, with their new lifetime mortgage, enabling them to all live closer.

We are still working tirelessly for you through the Coronavirus outbreak. All of our appointments are virtual, either online or over the phone, ensuring that no-one's health is put at risk, but we can be there to support you throughout this time. If you look at our testimonials, you can see how closely we work with our clients and are always there at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have, or just for reassurance. Just contact us to find out how to set-up an appointment with one of our experienced local equity release advisers.

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