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Yorkshire equity release

Looking to release equity from your home in Yorkshire then look no further.

Viva Retirement Solutions are experts in equity release and lifetime mortgage solutions and have released a significant amount of equity for their clients in Yorkshire since 2013. 

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you with your equity release in Yorkshire.

What Our Yorkshire Equity Release Customers Say....

I am having a hip replacement on October 9th. This would not have been possible without equity release​ and Dawn's valuable advice as my insurance cover did not include it since I have had arthritis since I was in my thirties and it would have too expensive to have that level of insurance.

Mr C, 4.10.23, Yorkshire

I found myself in a situation I never expected to be in. My father passed away and left the family home I grew up in to my brother and myself….but there was money owing on the property. To keep the property in the family I needed to raise 150K and repay the loan. Dawn​ helped me understand the whole procedure, which was initially very intimidating. I never expected to be in a position that would require me needing equity release, especially at my age, 56. I can’t thank her enough.

Mrs K, 3.10.23, Yorkshire

Dawn has helped me throughout the equity release process from start to finish. A very personable and conscientious individual with excellent knowledge of the whole process.

Mr S, Yorkshire, 10.6.23

I was finding my bills rising and was very worries, I have no children and live alone so wanted to look into equity release, Dawn was recommended by my pension advisor.  Dawn explained all about equity release and how it affects me. it is a lifetime mortgage and I could pay some of it, if I wanted. While I was working, I would get annual statements showing interest due and the amount owing if I sell my home or pass away. It has totally helped me by paying off my Mortgage and therefore allowing me to do some home improvements I have been wanting to do for years. I can also continue to live my life without having to give up going to the gym, going to the beautician and other things I like doing which, with the increase in the cost of living, I had to stop. Dawn ensured I totally understood the risks involved. Also the interest rate she obtained for me was a lot less than I was expected which I really appreciate.

Private, Yorkshire, 3/12/22

The Property Market in Yorkshire for Equity Release

The average property price in Yorkshire is almost £200,000 which is slightly below the national average of £234,000.  The most popular house size in Yorkshire are semi-detached properties.  Unsurprisingly detached house are the most expensive with an average value of £313,000.  This is a lower value than other parts of the county, but we tend to find that Yorkshire residents have remained in the county for longer so in some cases have built up more equity.  The major cities of Leeds, Harrogate and York have seen greater increases in property value.

If you want to stay in your Yorkshire home, but need extra pension funds, then please contact us at Viva Retirement Solutions to see how we can help.

Wherever you live in Yorkshire, if you are looking to release equity from your home or are interested in a lifetime mortgage, Viva Retirement's award winning service is here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our experienced equity release and lifetime mortgage advisor, Dawn Evans is waiting to help you on your equity release journey.  Based in Leeds, she is highly experienced in the Yorkshire property market and equity release, she is ideally placed to advise you.

If you are looking for equity release in Yorkshire, please contact us today.

Dawn Evans


Find out what Equity Release actually is and why people take out Equity Release to help themselves or their family.


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