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Looking to release equity from your home in Leicestershire then look no further.

Viva Retirement Solutions are experts in equity release and lifetime mortgage solutions and have released a significant amount of equity for their clients in Leicestershire since 2013. 

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What Our Leicestershire Equity Release Customers Say....

David was professional, he dressed suitably with a tie, was polite, listened to us expressing our needs and differences as a couple, also our dissatisfaction with our provider and the reasons why. He then sought to advise us on what may be possible. He went away and came back with options which were clearly explained, and he listened to our questions before answering them. Once we had decided what we wanted to do we felt happy about leaving the work to him. When problems arose he was quick to sort them out and to keep us informed in spite of having an important funeral to attend. We could not have asked for a more professional adviser who was also good at handling people i.e. both us, our original provider who was difficult, and the solicitor. We liked the fact David came to see us in our home, so he quickly got a measure of who we were and and why needed to seek his advice.

Private, Leicestershire 15/5/22

David explained everything to us and checked that we fully understood what was being said and any implications that could arise.

Mr de Hoedt Leicestershire 23/12/21

David came to see us and explained what equity release meant for us and our son. He found the right mortgage for us and explained everything and how the interest would be added and that we could if we wanted pay this. He rang several times to make sure things were happening as they should.

Mrs Smith, Leicestershire, 27/10/21

David found the appropriate lender for my needs at the smallest interest rate. We are very happy with the service provided and advice all the way through to the end. Top man, top service!

Private, Northamptonshire

June 21

The Property Market in Leicestershire for Equity Release

Naturally situated in the middle (Midlands) of the UK, a Leicestershire home is a great location for accessing the whole of the UK.  In 2018 the average price for a new home in Leicester was £279,000.  With property prices increasing 4% a year it shows that Leicester is a great place to make you home and grow your nest egg. 

A diverse county Leicestershire has a wide range of different types of home ranging from starter flats to the richest street in Leicester, Ridgeway with an average house price of £1.7 million.

incredibly, since 1995 the average value of a terraced property has grown by 343%.  So if you are 55 or over and have lived in Leicester for a many years, it is likely that you will have some equity in your home.  Our equity release advisors have years of experience in helping people like you release equity in their Leicestershire home.

The Midlands have been identified in 2020 as one of the areas where parents are most likely to be using equity release to help their children to buy a home.

If you want to stay in your Leicestershire home, but need extra pension funds, then please contact us at Viva Retirement Solutions to see how we can help.

Wherever you live in Leicestershire, if you are looking to release equity from your home or are interested in a lifetime mortgage, Viva Retirement's award winning service is here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our experienced equity release and lifetime mortgage advisor, David Grasham is waiting to help you on your equity release journey.  Based in Loughborough, he is highly experienced in the Leicestershire  property market and equity release, he is ideally placed to advise you.

If you are looking for equity release in Leicestershire, please contact us today.

David Grasham


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