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Looking to release equity from your home in Surrey then look no further.

Viva Retirement Solutions are experts in equity release and lifetime mortgage solutions and have released a significant amount of equity for their clients in Surrey since 2013. 

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The Property Market in Surrey for equity release

As a major area for commuters into London, Surrey is one of the most highly populated counties of the UK.  With a high proportion of residents working in London this has contributed to high price rises over the years.  If you are over 55 and have lived in Surrey for 20 years plus you will have seen some high increases to your Surrey property value.  Surrey provides some perfect properties for equity release due to the steep rises in property over the years.  Even with the property market currently slowing, we have the expertise to know if the there is equity to release in your Surrey home.

Surrey is comprised of a wide range of housing types.  With flats and terraced housing in the city and town centres close to stations, increasing to semi and detached homes as you come out into the countryside.  The average house price in Surrey was recently reported at over £585,000 with flats averaging at £281,000 and a detached home at £858,000.  There is plenty of potential for the equity release market.

Our experienced equity release and lifetime mortgage advisors, Gerard Hucker and Susan Williams are waiting to help you on your equity release journey.  Based in Surrey, they are highly experienced in equity release and with knowledge of Surrey, they are ideally placed to advise you.

If you are looking for equity release in Surrey, please contact us today.

Gerard Hucker
Susan Williams

What Our Surrey equity release Customers Say....

We had to sell our flat to pay off our old mortgage. Now in our 60's it would have been difficult to get a mortgage and equity release is a minefield so we were looking at a lifetime mortgage. We had a number of difficulties, mainly caused by solicitors, but Gérard​ helped us tremendously by liaising with the mortgage company, solicitors and keeping us informed at all times. He went above and beyond what is expected of a broker and we really appreciated it. 

Mr and Mrs Del Castello, Surrey 9/12/21

I felt Gerard made a huge effort to fully understand my needs and offered advice to best support that. He kept me informed the whole way and ensured any questions I had were answered in full. I felt very confident with the service and knowledge he offered.

Mrs Holmes, Surrey 10/12/21

Susan thoroughly explained the workings of lifetime mortgages, she understood what I needed and was concise and relevant with her recommendations.

Private, Surrey 23/11/21

Susan was a wonderful personality which made the whole process from start to finish a positive experience. She gave me clear informed advice and was always there to answer any queries throughout the whole process.

Private, Surrey 8/11/21

Susan gave clear and unambiguous advice, which made my decision making so much easier than it would have been otherwise. She was extremely proactive, liaising with other professionals involved in the process, ensuring things got done in quick time. I found Susan to be extremely knowledgable which gave me a feeling of being in safe hands.

Mr Forman, Surrey  25/8/21

My elderly parents had an existing Equity Release policy taken out 20+ years ago. We needed to arrange a re-mortgage to a better rate with the provision of a drawdown facility for future possible care needs.  Susan was wonderful! Having talked my partner and I through various products and options she then met me along with my parents to fully explain the products she recommended and the reasons why.

Mrs Jackson, Surrey 27/7/21



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