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Winner of Best Financial Adviser – 6-19 advisers

equity release awards

Another great award for the team at Viva Retirement Solutions. We have won the Best Financial Advisor (6-9 advisers) award at the Mortgage Solutions 2019 Equity Release Awards.

This is our fifth year of winning this award, which underpins our commitment to excellent customer service and knowledge of the highly experienced equity release advisors representing Viva Retirement Solutions. Another major achievement for us is that we have moved up a category from five advisers or fewer to 6-19 advisers. We are proud to be a multi-award winning equity release company.

equity release awards

As the demand for later life lending as equity release, lifetime mortgages and other retirement solutions grows, Viva Retirement Solutions continues to grow the team of expert equity release advisers. We now have a team of eight equity release advisers covering the whole of the UK, with specific focus on certain locations in the UK, including Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire and Surrey.

If you are looking for a pensioner mortgage or other ways to release equity from your home, please contact us at Viva Retirement Solutions and come and discover what makes our service award winning.

equity release awards

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