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Over 55 - How Can I Pay Off My Mortgage?

lifetime mortgage

Are you one of many thousands of people who are now over 55 and are being hounded to repay the Interest Only mortgage that you took out in good faith years ago??

We see and help many clients just like you – so don’t despair!!

The problem is that lenders are far less willing to help people in retirement with extensions to existing mortgages or even new ones, if even you can prove affordability.

We are able to help people like to you to be able to stay in their own home and be in a position where they know that they will never be hounded like this again.

A lifetime mortgage can help you stay in your own home and you can choose how you want the plan to be set up. That is right you can choose to make no repayments at all and let the compound interest accumulate on top of your loan, you can choose to make Interest Only payments, or you can even choose to make ad-hoc payments as and when you want to!!!

The interest rate will be fixed for life on the money that you take and so you know exactly where you will stand over the coming years and what could be left to your loved ones!

Does this sound too good to be true? – Well we have helped many, many clients achieve just this outcome so please feel free to give us a call and find out more.

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