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Mortgage Re-Finance Help

During this difficult period of lockdown, we have found it really helpful to share stories of how we have assisted our clients with their equity release and lifetime mortgage requirements. At Viva Retirement Solutions, we are continuing to work, albeit remotely, throughout the lockdown. We appreciate the importance of being here to help our clients, through helping them release funds for maybe a mortgage, helping family or debts.

One of the completions this week at Viva, has been to help a client re-finance his mortgage. This has meant that he does not have to make mandatory repayments anymore and has been able pay off some debt, so that he can live a better lifestyle. On top of this, we have managed to secure a drawdown pot to secure his future and give him fantastic peace of mind.

If this is one of the ways that you feel we could help you at Viva Retirement Solutions, then why not contact us to see what we can do for you. You could also take the time to look at our testimonials to see the ways that we have helped other clients.

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