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Viva Goes the Extra Mile

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

equity release

After receiving an amazingly comprehensive review from a very happy equity release customer we felt that we should share this experience further. We wanted to really show how our ethos as treating you as if you were a member of our family works in reality. Our individual, personal service is used for every client we work with, but this particularly complicated situation had other equity release advisors stumped, but not Liz at Viva.

Here is what our client had to say about us:

I have always thought that once I retired I would release some of the capital from my home.  But when I finally did retire, I was horrified to discover that most Equity Release lenders don't like to lend on a retirement flat.  I spoke with a friend who had just taken out equity release and he recommended his agent to me. I made an appointment and went to see her.  After several weeks she called me to say that she couldn't get it for me and had tried every avenue.  I had only just bought my retirement flat and had very little in savings and really didn't want to move again.  I then called my solicitor to discuss my situation and they recommended Viva Retirement Solutions.  After I called them, their agent came to see me at home and we discussed at length equity release.  The agent agreed to take on the challenge.  I found Liz helped me to understand the way equity release works without putting me under pressure.  She helped me to feel at ease and confident that there was still hope for me.  She helped me to make the right decision when it came to choosing which mortgage offer was best suited to he needs.  I still own my retirement flat and can now live here for the rest of my life; I can't thank Liz and Viva Retirement Solutions enough for making what seemed impossible, possible.  I have now acquired equity release on my retirement flat.  I would certainly recommend them to anyone and know that I made the right choice. Happy days ahead!  Thank you so much Liz and Viva Retirement Solutions.

Here's what Liz had to say:

I first met my client in August 2019, he was concerned that his life’s plan of releasing equity had fallen apart.  He had bought a beautiful retirement flat but regrettably it was near a Hotel with a restaurant and another adviser had said “it just couldn’t be done”. Brian’s health was not good and he needed the lump sum to supplement his retirement income and enjoy life. I promised I would try every lender and started the process of contacting every Business Development Manager assigned to Viva Retirement Solutions. I have learned that relying on sourcing systems and criteria alone is no substitute for ‘picking up the phone’. It seems this had not been done previously and eventually a lender agreed to assist Brian and lend against his flat but as a result of their criteria he also had to extend his lease. This has meant a more lengthy and costly process for him but I stayed in contact with him and his solicitor every step of the way and eventually the funds came through.  I think I was as delighted as he was that we were able to help him fulfil his life’s plan of financial security in retirement.

So if you are looking for an equity release advisor who will go the extra mile for you and not give up, please contact us and see how we can help. We are waiting for your call.

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